Welcome to the home of Happy Printz!

Happy Printz is a small family run printing business based in Northamptonshire.

Happy Printz is run by a husband and wife team, Cindy and Mathew.

A little about our backgrounds:

Cindy started up the business originally back in 2007 when looking for a side line business to used her creativity in. This is when Happy Printz started up by selling party invitations and accessories. In 2010, Happy Printz started branching into the business stationery area, selling business cards, printed leaflets, business books and lots of other stationery to other small businesses. We also then set up on social media and started a following on Facebook and Instagram.

Mathew, who has worked in a sales environment for many years, came on board with Happy Printz in 2018. Mathew plays a very big part on sending quotations, doing the cutting work, the accounts (nobody likes that job) and the IT parts of the business.

Both have their own unique creativity skills, which work well together within the business and also each bring something different to Happy Printz, so can cater for all industry fields when it comes to designing the stationery for their business.

Alongside the business, they have a very lively, happy 5 year old son, Charlie. So it is very important to try and run the family business from home alongside caring for Charlie and finding that equal balance between the two.

So what does it look like inside the Happy Printz home?

Well here you will see our workroom. It consists of 1 print machine, 1 guillotine, 2 cutting machines, a few gadgets tucked away, lots of stock and of course, 2 pairs of hands.

It's not the biggest, it's not the warmest and definitely not the tidiest, but it is our work space and we manage to kick out a lot every day from this room, pushing all the machines to the limits.

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